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Over the last days I’ve been reading all comments about the new products and prices, and first of all, do know that we are very carefully listening to everything, discussing a lot especially what we can do to make the subscription pricing appealing especially to Indie devs who have been using?Unity Pro for the longest time.

在过去的几天里,我一直在阅读有关新产品和价格的所有评论,首先,我们确实非常认真地倾听了所有内容,特别讨论了很多我们可以采取哪些措施使订阅价格更具吸引力,最长使用Unity Pro的独立开发者。

I especially care a lot about this?group of developers, who?effectively funded this company with us and have been with us on this journey for a very long time. So we will figure something out. Needs a bit of time but we’ll follow up soon…

我特别关心这群开发人员,他们与我们一起有效地为这家公司提供了资金,并且在我们的旅程中已经很长时间了。 因此,我们将找出解决方案。 需要一点时间,但我们会尽快跟进…

In the meantime I want to give a bit of background about why we are doing this subscription thing?and some thoughts?on what was a bit lost in the announcement so far.


为什么要订阅? (Why Subscription?)

When we started Unity, we would ship Unity every once in a while on just 2 platforms. Initially just Aras and I, gradually adding a couple engineers every few months. We’d decide on a couple major features and focus working on that for a year and a bit, go through beta and then ship it.

当我们启动Unity时,我们会偶尔在两个*台上一次发布Unity。 最初只是我和Aras,后来每隔几个月就要增加几个工程师。 我们将决定几个主要功能,并集中精力研究一年多一点,通过beta测试然后发布。

Today Unity lets you target 28 platforms. No one targets all platforms at the same time, but the ability to choose to easily switch your game to any platform gives Unity developers incredible advantages.

今天,Unity使您可以定位28个*台。 没有人可以同时针对所有*台,但是可以轻松将游戏切换到任何*台的能力为Unity开发人员带来了难以置信的优势。

Each platform is supported by a team of dedicated engineers. We have teams focused on different areas of the engine, working on improving each major area all the time.

每个*台均由一组专门的工程师提供支持。 我们的团队专注于发动机的不同领域,一直致力于改善每个主要领域。

We ship a patch release every week. Supported by the awesome Sustained Engineering team.

我们每周都会发布补丁程序版本。 在出色的持续工程团队的支持下。

We ship point releases with major new features and improvements multiple times per year.


All of this is necessary because the platforms we support rapidly change. In today’s world, we can’t leave customers behind for a year because we are in the process of releasing a major version. We think it would be very bad for Unity developers if we held features for a full number release, rather than launch these features along the way, when they are ready.

所有这些都是必要的,因为我们支持的*台会Swift变化。 在当今世界,由于我们正在发布主要版本,因此我们不能离开客户一年。 我们认为,如果我们拥有完整版本的功能,而不是在准备就绪时一路启动这些功能,那对Unity开发人员来说将是非常糟糕的。

With this in mind, we want to be clear. There will be no major Unity 6 release.

考虑到这一点,我们希望清楚。 不会有主要的Unity 6版本。

In the dev team we wanted to stop doing major releases for a long time. With the major releases model we had done up until Unity 5, it has always forced us to bundle up a bunch of features and release them in one big splash. Usually it results in that good & complete features would be artificially held back for a long time while other features are still maturing, and eventually releasing some of these features before they are ready. All in the name of creating one big splashy release that customers feel is worth upgrading to. It’s what we did because we had to in a model where we worked toward an unnatural new major release every few years. This is not some evil marketing team pushing for it, it is the inherent nature of that business model. It was always a painful process for us and you and it really serves no one.

在开发团队中,我们想长时间停止发布主要版本。 在Unity 5之前,我们一直使用主要的发行模型来完成工作,它一直迫使我们捆绑一堆功能并将其大量发布。 通常,它会导致人为地阻止良好和完整的功能很长时间,而其他功能仍在成熟中,并最终在准备就绪之前释放其中的某些功能。 所有这些都是以创建一个让客户感到值得升级的大型启动版本为名。 之所以这样做,是因为我们必须在一个模型中每隔几年努力开发一个不自然的新主要版本。 这不是一些邪恶的营销团队所追求的,这是该业务模型的内在本质。 对于我们和您而言,这始终是一个痛苦的过程,而且确实没有任何人可以使用。

With our switch to subscription we can make Unity incrementally better, every week. When a feature is complete, we will ship it. If it is not ready we will wait for the next point release.

切换到订阅后,我们可以每周逐步改善Unity。 功能完成后,我们将发货。 如果尚未准备好,我们将等待下一个版本发布。

Our switch to subscription is absolutely necessary in order for us to provide a robust and stable platform.


付费拥有! (Pay to own!)

Along with the new subscription model, we are introducing “pay to own”. After having paid for 24 months of subscription, you can stop paying and keep on using the version you have at that point. Of course, you would also stop getting new features, services or fixes; choice is yours. If you are upgrading from a previously bought perpetual license of Unity and you are switching to subscription after March 2017, then you get “pay to own” right away with your subscription license. Pay to own applies to everyone; there’s no special “license option” you have to get. Simple!

除了新的订阅模式外,我们还引入了“按需付费”。 支付了24个月的订阅费用后,您可以停止付款并继续使用当时的版本。 当然,您也将停止获得新功能,服务或修补程序。 选择是你的。 如果您要从先前购买的Unity永久许可证升级,并且要在2017年3月之后切换为订阅,则您将立即获得订阅许可证的“自付费用”。 自己付钱适用于所有人; 您无需获得特殊的“许可选项”。 简单!

Thanks for listening, I hope this gives?some much needed background on our switch to subscription.


翻译自: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2016/06/05/subscription-why/